Connect to the Earth to Restore Vitality


Grounding or “Earthing” to the earth is a powerful activity anyone can incorporate in helping achieve optimal health. Grounding your bare feet and connecting to the rich supply of earth's electrons is absolutely necessary if you want robust health.


Our earth is full of electrons that can recharge our bodies and improve its healing capacity. We need to generate electricity for supreme health and grounding is one of the best ways to charge up. 

We are electrical beings. Everything we do is controlled by electrical signals that circulate through our bodies. In physics, we know everything is made up of atoms. We have the proton, neutron, and electron. Protons have a positive charge, neutrons have a neutral charge, and electrons have a negative charge. The switch between positive to negative charges allows electrons to flow from one another. The flow of electrons is what we call electricity.

Essentially our electrical capacity is what connects our nervous system and induces near-instantaneous cellular communication. If we do not have an electrical charge in our body, we die.

Electrons have been well established to neutralize reactive oxygen species, ROS if elevated can damage DNA, cellular membranes, and our immune and inflammatory responses. The increase of electrons from direct contact with the earth presumably neutralizes ROS activity and therefore reduces acute and chronic inflammation.

In the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, a pilot study tested the electrodynamics of red blood cells during subjects connecting to the earth. The results had reduced blood viscosity and concluded that earthing may be a profound intervention in helping reduce cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Stephen Sinatra M.D, a board-certified cardiologist, mentions that his extensive research on grounding has led him to believe that it could be the most important heart health breakthrough of his 30-plus years as a doctor. 

The earth carries a negative charge and when you connect you are essentially absorbing the most potent antioxidant your body can acquire. The abundant supply of electrons can begin the process to heal your body back to its optimally designed state.


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