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Why Should I Do This Course?

If you want to create a transformative shift in your life then you have to take the right steps towards it. This course gives you the opportunity to become fully rejuvenated, energetic, and peaceful. 

Everyone is stressed, anxious, and running on empty 24/7. It’s become almost a normal way to live in the 21st century. Now, what if I told you that there were ways to rid yourself of unnecessary suffering and stress. What are the possibilities for your life if there was a real tangible solution that could change the physiology of your body, transmute destructive thoughts, and let go of unwanted baggage? What would it feel like to have vitality, youth and joy emanate from your being? How would that reflect on the rest of your life?


Meditation has been the single greatest modality that actually got to the root problems of my life. My consistent meditation practice was the only thing that allowed me to start loving myself unconditionally and feeling my life force and vitality rising once again. There wasn’t a condition involved, I didn’t strive for anything, I just practiced going within. Overtime meditation allowed me to remove the resistance and belief systems I had running 24/7. I released trauma, negative belief systems, and started to achieve cellular healing. I essentially created an environment for my cells and nervous system to start repairing and healing.

Calming the nervous system, the mental programming, and the outside chaos will be the single greatest practice in regaining your sovereignty as a being full of unconditional love. Because once you calm down your inner turmoil, you will naturally radiate love. It is my promise. At the end of the day, all I want you to experience is longer telomeres, lowered stress hormones, and unbridled wellbeing.

Meditation Class


  • Participants will be given practical steps, education, and guided meditations into creating a youthful, younger body within a span of 4 weeks. In this program, you will learn about the cellular rejuvenation process, be given guided meditations that influence your body into its natural healing state, and receive empowering information that can help transform your life. If you are willing to learn, apply, and allow the opportunity to be healthy, vibrant, and joyful, then I welcome you into this comprehensive course.


What to expect:


  • The purpose of this program is to educate you the participant on how we can actually create an environment for robust health, vitality, and to eventually create a younger healthier person. The Cellular Rejuvenation Meditation Program is to assist you into a new perception where you begin to understand that it actually is possible to rejuvenate and regenerate the body. The application of using these guided meditations will then help you align into the ability to become a fully activated being with love consciousness. My goal for you is to heal trauma, connect with your own cellular intelligence, reverse biological aging, restore vitality, and feel unconditional love for yourself and your life. 

The 4-week online program will include:

  • The vast amount of research of what scientific studies are finding when people participate in a meditation practice. Everything from our stem cells, Telomeres, immortality enzyme, genetic expression, youth hormones, brain health, the truth about our DNA, and magnetic fields.

  • Convey the idea of how beneficial training your mind can influence the rest of your life to a greater state. The power of your intention, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

  • Address what is limiting our potential to being healthy. We will cover the biggest stressors and potential causes of your own issues.

  • Learn about how our consciousness can heal the human body through the power of our own internal intelligence. 

  • Provide you with many tips for having a sustainable long-term meditation practice to which you look forward to every day.

  • Guided meditations that all serve a unique purpose that will allow you to have cellular rejuvenation.                          

  • The best knowledge I have personally discovered over the last 15 years that will assist you in your cellular rejuvenation and anti-aging success.


Program Curriculum


A message from the instructor


How to navigate this course

What to expect: the three pillars 

My story 

Meditation Strategies and Tips  

Pillar 1: Cellular Rejuvenation
Cellular Rejuvenation
Cellular Intelligence 
Genetics are no longer our fate 
What is health?
Fear and disconnect 
Do not argue your limitations in life  

Modern and Alternative research is changing the narrative
Breaking the barriers of preconceived belief, Anti-aging is real
Age Reversal
Health and longevity is a complex problem that CAN be solved
Hormones can create youth or take it away
Become Meditation Leaders

Pillar 2: Stress 
We need to talk about STRESS
The good, the bad, and the ugly
Stress is killing us
Night shift workers and cancer, Poor sleep and diabetes 
Grief and heart attack study, emotions can alter our physiology and can either promote health or disease. Long term emotional turmoil can cause damage
What is stress
Stress categories and identifying stressors 
Stress is aging us faster
Chronic stress and shorter telomeres
Stress and survival mode
Happy Healthy Youthful
Stress reduction training cancer study
Nature and stress 
Stress and meditation 
Stress solutions
What I want you to do

Pillar 3: Meditation
Your thoughts shape your destiny
Our brain the supercomputer 
How does nature heal 
Healthy mind healthy body
The power of the breath
Meditation researched benefits 
Developing a love Consciousness

Meditation potential side effects

Taking the next steps
The many paths forward
Resources and further reading
Before you go…


Guided Meditations 

Meditation 1: Restore to Balance

Meditation 2: Breathing into Vitality 
Meditation 3: Connecting to your Cellular Intelligence 
Meditation 4: 
Love Consciousness, Heal Your DNA


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